About HGAA

In 2011, the Hazel Grove Planning Committee (referred to hereafter as “the Committee”) was formed under the direction of the Town of Groton – Park Commission.  The Committee was charged with the following direction:

“The primary goal for your Committee is that, by June 30, 2012, you will have submitted a 1-, 3-, and 5-year plan to undertake a study for the betterment, the improvement, the maintenance, and the bringing forth of longevity to the Hazel Grove Park, taking into consideration not only the historic use of the Park but also the current needs of the Town and the future vision of Groton and where the Park fits into that vision. During a tour of Hazel Grove Park, the Committee raised concerns about the condition of the buildings, fencing, and general infrastructure. Use of the park seemed exclusive to certain groups, and there was no consistent information on- or off-site to determine who could or did use the facility.”

The Committee also reached out to all youth athletic programs to determine if those organizations were in need of additional facilities and if Hazel Grove Park could provide those facilities. The Committee brainstormed future uses and users, visited other historic fairgrounds, met with organizers to discuss how they revitalized their fairgrounds, conducted a community meeting to obtain the input of Groton residents on their ideas for the use of Hazel Grove Park, reviewed historical documents to determine past uses and origins of the facilities, and surveyed its natural resources.

The Committee has determined that, due to its location, natural resources, and history, Hazel Grove Park is uniquely suited for the Town of Groton for agricultural, equestrian, and educational uses. It is the only town-owned Groton site actively supporting equestrian sports.

In June of 2012, the Committee submitted its final report to the Town of Groton by way of the Park Department. A full copy of that report can be found here: Hazel Grove Planning Committee report.

The Hazel Grove Agricultural Association was formed after the approval of the Park Department. The first founding Board Members (2012-2014) were as follows:

  • Tim Svarczkopf
  • Gineane Haberlin
  • John Ott
  • Meredith Scarlet
  • Linda McCrossan

Present Board Members (last updated June 2024):

  • Penny Lowman – President
  • Tim Newman – Treasurer
  • Emma Newman – Park Secretary
  • Harris McWade – Vice President
  • Jen Delaney – board member
  • Kristin Fuller – board member

Significant Supporters